Living Faith: A Study of the Epistle of James

James, the brother of Jesus was a pillar of the Church in Jerusalem, grounded in Jewish faith and pastor of the Jewish Christian communities in Jerusalem and abroad. In his epistle, James exhorts the Jewish Christians of the 1st Century on how to live a life of authentic faith. He calls all Christians to examine their faith in light of Jesus’ teachings regarding what he calls the royal law: loving your neighbor. Over a seven week period we will look at different aspects of authentic faith – faith that withstands temptation and trial; faith that fosters self-control; faith that actively puts others first; faith that recognizes the value of each individual in the eyes of God; faith that is compassionate, loving and merciful; and, faith that is humble and gentle in spirit – all of which are integral to a living faith that fosters spiritual maturity.

As appropriate a lesson to the early Christians of his day, this letter continues to encourage Christians today to reflect upon how our lives reflect the love and morals set forth by Jesus. James challenges each of us to look deeply into our thoughts, words and actions asking ourselves if they reflect a true and living faith in Jesus. While the proof of authentic faith is a changed life, the proof of living faith is spiritual maturity and compassionate action. Is our faith both authentic and alive? Does the way we live our lives reveal our faith in Jesus? Do our actions live up to our professed faith? Do our words reveal a heart for Jesus? James’ practical and evocative epistle teaches what it means to have an active and living faith that produces good works and spiritual maturity.

PDF Introduction Lesson:  Introduction to James and A Public Messiah
PDF Supplemental Reading:  1st Century Name

PDF Introduction to Homework

PDF Lesson 1:  The Story of Jacob
Lesson 1 Homework Notes: Special Appearances of the Risen Lord and Timeline

PDF Lesson 1 Homework: James, the Brother of the Lord
PDF Lesson 1 Homework Timeline

PDF Lesson 2:  True Religion

PDF Homework 2:  Perfecting Faith

PDF Lesson 3 Supplemental Reading:  Justification of Faith

PDF Homework 3:  Genuine Faith

PDF Lesson 4:  True Wisdom

PDF Homework 4:  Controlled Speech

PDF Lesson 5: Judgment Against the Wicked

PDF Homework 5:  Authentic Faith Engenders Humility

PDF Lesson 6: Pray...

PDF Homework 6: Authentic Faith Brings Patience

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