Empowered by the Holy Spirit
In this 11 week course we will follow Jesus’ disciples and apostles, empowered by the Holy Spirit, as they carry out His Great Mission: to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.  The book of Acts is the story of Jesus’ beloved followers taking Christ’s love and message of salvation from Jerusalem through Asia Minor and to the far reaches of the Roman Empire, finally ending in Rome.  Join us as we learn what it means to lead a spirit-led life as we explore the very beginnings of the Church and the adventures of the first apostles who faced many obstacles and persecution in fulfilling their mission and shaping the Christian Faith.
PDF Introduction to the Book of Acts

PDF Introduction to Homework

PDF Lesson 1a: The Commission
PDF Lesson 1b: Peter's Speech

PDF Lesson 1 Homework: The Match is Struck
PDF Map of the Roman Empire

PDF Lesson 2a: The Confrontation
PDF Lesson 2b: The Confrontation, Part II

PDF Lesson 2 Homework: Speak Boldly
PDF Lesson 3: Stephen’s Speech
PDF Lesson 3 Map: Abraham’s Journey
PDF Lesson 3 Supplement: Samaria

PDF Lesson 3 Homework: Scattering Seeds
PDF Lesson 4 Notes: An Incovenient Truth

PDF Lesson 4 Homework: Where the Wind Blows
PDF Lesson 5 Notes: Introduction and Review
PDF Lesson 5 Map: Paul's 1st Missionary Journey

PDF Lesson 5a Homework: A Dark Storm
PDF Lesson 5b Homework: A Westerly Wind

PDF Lesson 6 Notes: Paul in Athens
PDF Lesson 6 Map: Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey
PDF Lesson 6 Map: Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey

PDF Lesson 6 Homework: Far and Wide

(classroom video session)

PDF Lesson 7 Homework: A Witness before Israel, Gentiles and Kings


(classroom video session) PDF Lesson 8 Homework: Providence
PDF Lesson 8 Map: Journey to Rome

Who Do You Say I Am?
(Part I)
Who Do You Say I Am?
(Part 2)
Signs of Glory:
Grace & Truth
James: Living Faith
Letters to the Seven
Churches of Revelation
Exodus King David Empowered by the Spirit
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