Who Do You Say I Am?

“Who do you say that I am?”

Part 2



PDF Introduction
PDF Introductory Session Notes: Review

PDF Lesson 1 Homework: Spiritual Blindness

PDF Lesson 1 Notes: The Man Born Blind

PDF Lesson 2 Homework: Lazarus

PDF Lesson 2 Notes: The Plot of the Sanhedrin

PDF Lesson 3 Supplemental Reading: The Triumphal Entry

PDF Lesson 3 Homework: The Coming of Zion’s King

PDF Lesson 3 Notes: The King Reclaims the Temple of God

PDF Lesson 4 Homework: Rejection of Zion’s King

Supplemental/recommended reading: 
The Feasts of the Lord by Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal, Chapter 4.

PDF Diagram of the Passover Table

PDF Lesson 5 Homework: Betrayal

PDF Lesson 5 Notes: Gethsemane

PDF Lesson 6 Homework: Trials

PDF Lesson 6 Homework Table

PDF Lesson 6 Notes: Peter’s Denial

PDF Lesson 7 Homework: Golgotha


PDF Lesson 8 Homework: An Empty Tomb

PDF Lesson 8 Notes: The New Covenant

PDF Lesson 9 Homework: Last Words


Who Do You Say I Am?
(Part I)
Who Do You Say I Am?
(Part 2)
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