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ExodusIn this study of Exodus we will see God redeem his chosen people from a life of slavery – mastered by the oppression of a pagan culture.  God was calling them to a better life, a better future and a better promise.  Before they could receive this promise God led them by the hand and molded them into a people of his own.  They would become a nation that would influence the world and show the world what it means to be God’s treasured possession, to have his hand of protection over them and his blessing upon them.   Let God speak to you through this study of redemption.  Just as he was present with the people of Israel as they wandered the deserts, he is still present revealing his miraculous provision, presence and promise.  He is calling you to let him take you by the hand, guiding and counseling you through every aspect of your life, with promises of blessing and protection. 

This Exodus study is a supplement to the Life Change Series study of Exodus, published by Navpress.  Class homework assignments will be posted for each weekly session along with discussion notes.  The study guide is available from Christian Book Distributors or Amazon.

Below are the PDF downloads for each lesson consisting of the class notes and homework assignments.

PDF Session 1: Introduction PDF Introduction to the Homework
PDF Session 2: Yahweh Actively Present and Promises Deliverance PDF Supplemental: A Four Hundred Year Delay
Session 3: Pharoah's Hard Heart  
PDF Session 4: A Lasting Ordinance  
PDF Session 5: Consecrate to Me  
PDF Session 6: Holy War  
PDF Session 7: The Right Approach to Worship Yahweh  
PDF Session 8: Yahweh's Dwelling Place  
PDF Session 9: Anger Unchecked  

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