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The mission of Living in God's Word (LGW) is to draw women into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the study of his most precious Word; and nurturing that relationship to empower women to know, love and serve the Lord in our community and beyond.

The purpose of this website is to provide materials for the study of God’s Word. I have been leading and teaching Bible studies for ten years and have participated in studies for nearly 20 years. When I began leading studies, I became frustrated with the quality of many studies I encountered. They just didn’t seem to go as deeply into scripture as I wanted. And, they didn’t provide enough information so that I could understand the historical setting and context of what I was reading. This lead to confusion and frustration as I encountered a God dealing with a people I didn’t know and understand. I began supplementing the study guides I was using with additional material I researched and created giving a historical setting and cultural context to what we were studying in the Bible. This led to the first Bible study I wrote myself, A Woman After God’s Own Heart: A Study of King David. Since then, I have strived to write Bible studies that delve deeply into the Word of God illustrating its vibrancy for today and illuminating the world in which it was written.

Who Do You Say I Am?
(Part I)
Who Do You Say I Am?
(Part 2)
Signs of Glory:
Grace & Truth
James: Living Faith
Letters to the Seven
Churches of Revelation
Exodus King David Empowered by the Spirit
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