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A Woman After God’s Own Heart:  A study of King David explores what it means to be a woman after God’s own heart.  David had an intimate relationship with the Lord throughout his life, rejoicing with God in times of victory and grieving with God in times of heart wrenching disaster.  This is a wonderful study for those with little Bible Study experience, as well as, those well seasoned in the study of scripture.  This study begins with David's anointing as a young man and follows closely his rise to fame as a military hero, his exile in the deserts bordering the tribal lands of Judah and the Philistines, his ascension to the throne and unification of all the tribes of Israel under one Monarchy.  This 10 week study covers 1 & 2 Samuel and several of David's psalms.

PDF Introduction: The Time before Isreal had a King PDF Homework Introduction
PDF Session 1: Ba'al Worship
PDF Chart: Ba'al worship comparison
PDF Homework 1: A Rejected King and a Chosen King
PDF Session 2: Stripping Away PDF Homework 2: David on the Run
Session 3: A Wise Heart PDF Homework 3: Trials in the Wilderness
PDF Session 4: David Mourns Saul and Jonathan's Death PDF Homework 4: Discord, Death, and Defeat
PDF Session 5: Devastation in the Midst of Celebration PDF Homework 5: Heir to the Throne
PDF Session 6:David and Hanun of the Ammonites PDF Homework 6: A King After God's Own Heart
PDF Session 7: A Repentant Heart PDF Homework 7: David and Bathsheba
PDF Session 8: Joab Confronts The King PDF Homework 8: Turmoil in David’s Family
PDF Session 9: David Counts the Fighting Men PDF Homework 9: The Return of the King
PDF Session 10: The Shepherd PDF Homework 10:  The Beginning of a New Era
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